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How To Make Money Online In Nigeria – (Earn Up To ₦750k/month)

How to make money online: With so many people searching for how to make money online in Nigeria on the internet. I’ve gathered 12 best ways to make money online in Nigeria in 2023 with ease which include creating an online course, and digital products, having an online business and joining an affiliate program.

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria

Looking at how things are to make money in Nigeria, you will know that it is not enough to do only 9-5 jobs again, or as a student, we will both agree that it’s not easy to make money again.

The common side hustle is not really paying like before, now the price of things is on the high side, and things are losing value on a daily basis now the only way and the only thing to do now is learn how to make money online easily here in Nigeria.

If you are looking for an opportunity to make more money to support your main income, and you believe that it is when you make money that you will be able to focus on your day job, it is the reality.

In other to make more money you will need to learn other skills and when it starts paying off, you can turn your side hustle into the main hustle.

In the global market today, it is those that have skills and services that are securing the bag, and if you develop your self you can sell your skills.

Notwithstanding, the words “make money online” is not new, but many people think making money in Nigeria is not feasible or they have no idea how to get started.

While many people think it is internet fraud (yahoo, yahoo) or Ponzi scheme.

With just your mobile phone and internet connection you can start making money online from the comfort of your home.

But then, I have good news for you, you can create a reliable online business in Nigeria, if you continue reading, you will learn the 12 easiest methods to make money online in Nigeria.

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria The Fastest Ways

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has no doubt made making money online more popular, because you will hardly say you haven’t heard of it before may be from a friend, a friend of friends, or on social media platforms.

Although many are still unsure of the business or how to get started. I talked about one of the most popular Affiliate Marketing platforms in Nigeria here:

Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing: What It Is + How to Succeed

The business is very easy such that you don’t need to buy any product or create a product on your own to start. You are only concerned about helping other people market their products or services and get a commission in return.

The business model has been existing for a very long time now in Nigeria but the majority of people doing it are Igbo.

For example, if you want to buy a product from an Igbo shop, but he doesn’t have the product you want to buy, he will ask for permission to take you to his second shop, where he can get it for you, the shop might not be his own, in which he will definitely get some commission for helping others sell their product.

There are many affiliate marketing platforms here in Nigeria which include Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing, Amazon Affiliate, Jiji Affiliate Marketing, and Jumia Affiliate Marketing.

2. Blogging to Make Money Online

Here’s another creative and easy way to earn money online in Nigeria. It is affordable, scalable, easy to start, and it is legal in Nigeria.

You only have to write information related content, commercial content, a guide or transactional content then post it on your websites for people to read.

Bloggers get paid through the companies that advertise with them on their websites or visitors that buy their services, and digital products such as ebooks, and tutorials.

You can start earning a fortune in the long term from ad networks like Google Adsense, and Adsterra, and also from marketing affiliate products

To start a blogging business, you only need some tools such as:

  • A Domain name
  • A Website Hosting
  • And hire a professional to help you design your website or learn how to get it done easily on youtube.

3. Freelancing

One of my favorite ways to make money online is freelancing, it is very easy as you can make thousands of dollars online rendering digital services to clients around the world from the comfort of your home.

You only need to equip yourself with digital skills, which you can learn from youtube channels and also render your services or freelancing websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Linkedin.

Digital skills such as Website Design, Article or Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Application Development, Graphics Design, Transcription, etc. are skills you can learn easily and start earning in dollars.

I know you will be thinking how will I know to collect my money, of course, there are platforms like Paypal and Payoneer that you can use to receive money and exchange it for Naira.

4. Crypto Trading

Unless you have not been on the internet, millions of people are making money online with crypto in Nigeria.

You have seen many people trading crypto making life-changing profits and living the lives of their dreams, when you have the knowledge on how to start this business you will no doubt make a fortune from this business.

There are many ways to make money online using crypto, but one of the popular ways is crypto trading. Where you can buy and sell futures or spot commodities.

Crypto trading involves buying and selling a crypto coin that is bullish or bearish in the market. You buy a coin when a coin is declining and sell when it is bullish.

The business is all about speculations, having information on when it will rise and when it will fall, you have to learn and study the direction of the market.

Buying and selling crypto coins shouldn’t be a problem once you signed up with a great and reliable crypto exchanging platform such as Binance.

5. Forex Trading

Just like Crypto trading, Forex is about buying and selling of foreign exchange, when you buy and sell currencies. Forex has been in existence for a long term now and many forex traders have made a fortune through this business.

This is a business that you can start, once you learn how to trade, how to do analysis, know how to read the chart, and also sign up with the forex platforms.

6. Gift Card Exchange

Gift card exchange is now a very lucrative business here in Nigeria, you will make a profit buying gift cards from people that have them and selling them on online platforms like Paxful.

Giftcards such as Itunes and some more popular cards have their own rates, you can as well create your own exchange rates e.g $25, $50, $100, etc.

Gift card reselling is a big business that involves buying it from customers who want to exchange it for cash at a discount and reselling it for shoppers looking for great deals at a profit higher than the price.

By now you would have been seeing friends on WhatsApp and Facebook posting on their statuses or running adverts asking people to sell gift cards to them or buy gift cards from them.

These gift card examples are Amazon, iTunes, Steam, Google Play, and others.

7. E-Commerce

e-Commerce simply means electronic commerce which involves having an online store to sell goods. e-Commerce is a big market that people are now rushing into and earning money easily.

Earlier when E-commerce was introduced was when it involved having a website, now you don’t even need a website to be successful in the business.

You can start selling your goods on some already well popular large e-commerce platforms such as Jumia, Jiji, and Konga.

Additionally, you can also leverage Social Media platforms to sell your goods, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp for your online store.

8. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is similar to e-commerce, the only difference is that you don’t need to have your product in store before you can sell, that is, you don’t need to buy any product down.

Furthermore, when buyers buy the product from you, all you have to do is to collect money, pay the original seller money and ask the original seller to deliver the product.

All you just have to do is to look for a vendor that partners with drop shippers for their products.

9. Creating Digital Products

Another great way to earn money online is by simply creating digital products such as E-Books, video tutorials, online courses, online classes, podcasts and audio files, and other types of digital items.

If you have a skill in one particular field, you can create a course around it and sell it, or create an online class where you can teach people how to do that special thing you know how to do better.

And when you start earning money, you can promote your online class to a larger number of people.

10. How to Make Money on YouTube

We’ve all seen comedians buy cars, buy houses, and live their dreams, they are content creators, they create video content and upload it on youtube.

Youtube is an online video-streaming platform. Thanks to Youtube, you can become rich and famous through it.

By creating animations, and slides with background songs, teaching how to cook, how to tie a tie, or discussing anything useful and distributing it via Social media and Youtube channels.

You can earn more money when your videos gathered views, you can use this medium to even sell your affiliate products, or monetize it with Google Adsense and some other money-making strategies.

11. Social Media Marketing on How to make money in Nigeria

Social media marketing is simply helping businesses, companies, and organizations to reach their target audience. Many Nigerians now spend are now on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

This means that you can reach out to them more easily and make sales irrespective of what you’re selling.

Once you understand how all these platforms works, and you can convert people into leads and leads into sales, you will become a successful social media marketer.

Other great ways to make money online in Nigeria include online surveys, website design, software development, etc.


In conclusion, there are many untapped ways to make money online in Nigeria in which you can start in 2023 to have financial freedom.

You can easily build a stream of online income stream, but it requires, consistency, persistence, and endurance, unless you want to engage in Ponzi scheme, there’s a business that doesn’t require consistency and patience.

But if you work diligently, smartly, and passionately, you will surely get a desirable and mind-blowing result.


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