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Expertnaire Review: A Legit Site Or Scam

A lot of have been doubting the platform because most of the well-known international affiliate marketing platform does not require money to join.

Besides, most of the affiliates go about promoting a particular course which is the 72IG program (72Hours Income Generator Program).

But instead of asking questions, and doing research most people on Twitter, Nairaland even on Facebook have labeled Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Platform a scam.

Below I will be revealing expertnaire review, research, and also what I’ve tested and confirmed about the platform.

Firstly, let’s talk about the Expertnaire Platform

What is Expertnaire

Expertnaire is a digital product marketing platform for listing high-value and informational products for sale.

Then creators and also promoted by affiliates interested in marketing them to their hot audiences.

Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing REVIEWS

Who owns Expertnaire

The owner of Expertnaire is Toyin Omotoso, a Nigerian marketing expert.

He’s also the owner of 7 Star Systems where they hosted the almighty 72IG Whatsapp Income Generator Program.

Now let’s discuss what Expertnaire is Affiliate Marketing

What Is Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing

Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing in layman’s terms means selling digital products listed on Expertnaire to your friends, family, or your followers.

And then sharing the revenue generated between the owner of the course and the person that generated the sale which is the affiliate marketer.

With the cost generated per sale, affiliates are paid a particular amount of money as a commission, based on each number of product sales they generated.

Examples of these Digital products are products that can be delivered electronically, such as Software, Ebooks, Online Courses, audio and etc.

That is to say, Expertnaire platform connects the creator and the affiliate marketer together and then at the end of the sales settled each party accordingly.

Making it easier for you to become an affiliate and easily gain access to a wide range of products from various creators.

This platform takes care of customer service, product delivery, sales tracking, reporting, and the rest.

How Does Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing work

Vendors or creators list their products on Expertnaire and put the product price and percentage commission he is willing to give out on each sale.

Then Expertnaire affiliates log on to the platform and go to market place to select one or more products to promote.

So when a purchase is made, the vendor and the affiliate are both notified via email, and their percentages are calculated and as well remitted immediately.

So there are (2) Two major ways to join Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Platform

  1. As an expert
  2. As a Newbie

Why 72IG Whatsapp Income Generator?

If you are joining as an expert you can join the platform directly with the sum of N10,000 for yearly registration.

But as a newbie who is just starting out, you are recommended to get the 72IG Whatsapp Income Generator instead.

It will teach you what you need to get on the Expertnaire platform.

72IG Whatsapp Income Generator Course cost N62,500 and you will also have access to the Expertnaire Platform for free.

But if you go ahead and join the Expertnaire platform as a newbie without having the knowledge of online marketing this means that you have the list below skills:

  • How to build a website
  • How to build Landing pages
  • How to create ADs on Facebook, Instagram, etc
  • Email marketing
  • WhatsApp marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Twitter Marketing

Which will also have effects on your affiliate commissions.

What is 72IG Whatsapp Income Generator?

The 72IG Whatsapp Income Generator is an online course that teaches you how to make money on Expertnaire as an Affiliate marketer.

how to sell digital products, how to build a hot audience to buy your courses, and how to become an authority.

The course includes training videos, PDF, & weekly mentorship online classes where you will get additional training and help from top affiliates.

What is 72IG course price?

Currently, 72IG Whatsapp Generator course is N62,500, and it is subject to change anytime soon.

What Are The Benefits of Buying 72IG Whatsapp Income Generator

The moment you buy the 72IG Course, the course will guide you on how you can make sales easily even without running ads.

A lot of skills and techniques you will be learning inside the course includes:

  • Lead Generation
  • Website Design
  • Funnel Design
  • Sales Closing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Email marketing
  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Twitter Money Blueprints

Remember there are individual courses that teach all the High Paying Skills above which are not well detailed and do not use something related to affiliate as a guide in the training.

But with this course, you will learn how to create a lead magnet, how to create irresistible offers and make people beg you to sell to them.

Expertnaire Review

In conclusion, Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing is 100% legit and with the 72IG Implementation program, you are ready to go, to generate weekly income for yourself.

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